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You wake up late on a lazy Saturday afternoon, untangling yourself from your gorgeous partner and make your way into the shower. You have to navigate around all the boxes piled up in the house, a side effect of having just moved in. You've finally have begun to settle down with the woman of your dreams, after having gone through a sizeable number of relationships looking for "the one".

Getting out of the shower and putting on some clothes, you go to the living room to start unpacking boxes. You find one in particular that catches your eye. You don't remember packing it. Looking inside is even more puzzling, as you start to dig out pictures and love letters from your exes. You swore you through those away. But you can't help looking through them and remembering the old days...

Maggie - You're first girlfriend, back in highschool. You find a picture of her at a local coffee shop. You weren't really meant for each other, but you had a lot of fun together. She was a bit pudgy looking and very nerdy, but at that age, you weren't really confident enough to get a popular girl.

Sofie - You're second girlfriend. You met her through Maggie, and after Maggie moved away, you two got together. She was way hotter than Maggie, her ample bosom and her blonde hair was perfect. Except she was just as nerdy as Maggie. You see her picture in Hot Topic in the mall, trying on some ridiculously nerdy outfit...but looking dead sexy in it.

Brittany - You find a picture of her curvy figure behind the counter at the pharmacy. You remember breaking into the pharmacy, just so she could take that picture! Oh, she was usually reserved and quiet, but she had a real wild side sometimes. Why did you break up with her again? You can't really remember.

Ashliegh - Wow...this one was one crazy bitch. That relationship was the one that finally convinced you to settle down with somebody smart, beautiful....and sane. You find a picture of her in front of your old house and a stack of angry love letters from her.

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