The Exhibitionist

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"Hello Master. I guess I should introduce myself. Lets see, I am Dirty Me. I really like to show myself off. Your job is to tell me how to show myself off. But, before we do, there are some rules."

I hand you a list.

1. If I am arrested, it is over for us.
2. If I am raped, I will leave your sorry ass for putting me in a stupid situation like that.
3. If I am killed, well, I will no longer be around to do anything, now will I?

You look back at me after reading the rules.

"So, please do not instruct me to do things that will get me arrested, raped, or dead..."

You continue staring at me.

"Okay master. I will make it simple. I like to show myself off. A little ankle, a little neck. A little thigh, a little belly. A little nipple, a little pussy. You get the idea. You tell me how you want me to expose myself to others, and I will do it."

Your eyes light up, and I can already see stupid ideas forming.

"Hey hey, slow down! Remember the rules. You wouldn't instruct me to do something stupid like walk naked into a police station, would you?"

You look away, face showing disappointment.

"That doesn't mean I wouldn't, but once I get arrested, it is over for us. You understand, right? I may be your slave, but that doesn't mean I will allow you to destroy my life."

You nod. I can see the ideas churning in your head.

"Okay then, as the master, you tell me how to expose myself. Now, I am not your sex slave. I am not your fuck buddy. Got it? We are not having sex. Your job as my master is to tell me how to expose myself. Here, I will give you an example."

I tell you about the first time I exposed myself.

My clothes came off, laid in a nice bundle on the back steps.

It was still daylight, with all the normal traffic this entailed, and I went out, in nothing but my shoes.

Out to the alley, I peeked around the corner of the car garage. No one was around.

I hid there for a short while, worried about getting caught, yet thrilled about the idea of being seen, wearing nothing but my shoes, by others.

Moving to the mouth of the alley, I again saw no one was there. Turn right, along the sidewalk, tingly all over from my foray out into the world clad in nothing but shoes. The breeze caressed me, flowing along my exposed nipples, between my legs, around my exposed pussy.

Down to the corner, behind a bush, for in front of me was a major street, with cars zipping by. Green cars, silver cars, black and red cars, with nothing separating their view of my naked flesh except a small, scraggly bush. I darted out as the last car drove by, only to see a car driving the opposite way, right past me, now out in the open.

Panic shot through me, wondering if they saw me, if they would turn around and call the police.

I darted back to the alley, down the alley, hiding behind the carport.

I ran back to the house, picked up my deposited clothes, rushed inside, and hid for the rest of the day.

"So, it is your job to leave me options below on what I will do. But lets start off slow. Lets face it, I haven't done that since I was a teenager, and now that I am a full grown woman, I am more worried and cautious. So, start off slow, please."

"Oh, and I am not doing shit until you tell me. So, get busy giving me options."

I watch you, watching me. I wait, lips parted, wondering what you will have me do.

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