From Create Your Own Story

There are many dangers outside of the long wall that protects the city. And, as an adventurer, you are responsible for protecting the innocent from the vile and evil. There are many kinds of adventurers, but you are an enchantress. You pull residual magic from the world around you to shape it to your will...

"Nice outfit, Lara", Malik says with a wolfish grin as he looks you up and down. You are dressed in all black. You have a short skirt with black leggings reaching up to mid thigh. You wear black silk gloves that reach up to your biceps. Your large breasts are barely contained by your black cloth top, which hugs you tightly and ends just above your nipples. You have a black collar on your neck and and short cape. Your black witch's hat allows you to draw upon more magical energy and stands tall, with the tip arching backwards.

"I'm an enchantress, not a warrior like you", you say as you inspect his gear. Malik is a large man. Clad in metal armor that leaves little room to be pierced by attack. His giant claymore sword attached to his back.

"Yea, well I just don't want you dying at this goblin camp. The bastards are quick".

"I can handle myself. That pretty noble just better pay us when the job is done", you say as you sheath your smallsword at your hip.

"Oh, we'll get our gold from him whether he pays or not. But enough chat. Lets move out before the bastards leave their camp"


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