Sissified & Enslaved

From Create Your Own Story

You are in your mid-twenties, and have been living with your girlfriend Molly for four years. Lately, however, your relationship has deteriorated. Molly is sick of your untidiness, and you have been flirting with other girls. You also have not had a job for two months, although you have been trying.

Last week, Molly found you had slept with another girl. You swore it wouldn't happen again, but she has refused to speak to you, staying at a friends house. The last thing you want is to lose her, this whole ordeal has shown you you'll do anything to stay with her. Now it's all down to what Molly says...

One night, you are in your living room watching TV, your mind on your beautiful girlfriend and whether or not she will forgive you. She has not been replying to texts or answering your calls. The house is a mess since you haven't bothered cleaning up.

Suddenly, you hear the front door open. It's Molly, and with her is Gemma, the friend she's been staying with.

Molly has always been beautiful. Long, wavy, shiny black hair tied into a vivacious ponytail, some loose strands hovering over her forehead. She's always had bright green eyes which have been welcoming, loving, and caring. Now they are cold and harsh.

Gemma is even taller than you, her blonde hair cropped short. While Molly is wearing a black dress, Gemma is in a black shirt and jeans.

"Let's just cut to the chase," she says, "it's over. I want you to leave."

Beg her to reconsider, tell her you'll do anything!

Tell her you're not going anywhere.

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