(Sexual) Adventures in Pokemon Training

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Welcome to the inside of a moving van!

Your name is Brendon and you're in the process of moving to Littleroot town in the Hoenn region.

The ride is very bumpy and the inside of the van is hot and stuffy. You feel as if you might vomit if the van hits another pothole.

Wait, what's this?

The van has started to slow down! This horrible experience is over! The van's door slides open, and when you step out, you're greeted by your mother.

"Oh, hello Brendon." Your mother seems distracted by the Pokemon movers walking into your new home--a team of Machoke. Your mom watches the Pokemon with lust-filled eyes as you walk past her and into the house. It's not bad for such a small place, but the Machoke are covering most of your vision from their large size. You turn to speak to your mom, but she's currently rubbing against the muscled arm of a Machoke placing your television on the ground. You sigh, amused, shaking your head and walking upstairs.

So this is your room, huh? Welcome to your room!

Your old TV is set up on your dresser for some reason, which looks like it could fall off at any moment. Your GameCube is on the floor with its controller and cables all tied around in some big mess--the Machoke apparently weren't told to properly unpack for you. There's a clock on your wall which you take a moment to set, although something in you thinks that doing this is next to pointless; it's not like you're going to be home much anyway. There's not much else to see besides your bed and PC on your desk, and there's no way you have Internet access right now.

Everything seems to be in order. You decide to go downstairs and see if the Pokemon are done moving things in.

Well, the Machoke are finished with the boxes, but they're certainly not done with the job.

Your mother is stark naked, being held up and gangbanged by two Machoke. Her moans are muffled from the throbbing, veiny cock in her mouth while another fucks her from behind. You don't want to interrupt, so you just sit on the top of the stairs and watch. It's not like this is the worse thing you've ever seen your mom get into--nothing beats her drunken night with the Lapras.

Although she's indeed your own flesh and blood, something in you is more focused on her bouncing bare breasts and that she's a woman getting fucked by two Pokemon. You begin to unfasten your pants and have a bit of fun yourself, but you hear the Machoke slow down and you quickly adjust yourself. Your mom throws on her coat and a skirt to cover herself, adjusting her hair as if she expects you to arrive at any moment.

"Brendon, would you come down here please?" your mom asks loudly. You take this chance to innocently walk downstairs and pretend nothing is wrong. Your mom looks at you with a sly grin on her lips.

"I don't suppose there's something you'd like to talk about?"

How do you reply?:

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