Schoolboy Adventure

From Create Your Own Story

You are Alex, a lonely, introverted twelth-grader-boy who never had a girlfriend and is still a virgin. You often fantasize about the girls at your school, how you would fuck their brains out if you had control over them, how they should beg you to be their boyfriend or how you would be the coolest guy at the school. But you never even manage to talk to a girl... But today you want to change this! You will go out there and fuck as many girls as possible, make them your own and be the most desired guy at school! At least you hope this will work, if you just tell this fantasy to yourself often enough...

You wake up extremely horny, your morning wood forms a clearly visible bulge under the blanket. You start to jerk it off, still half asleep, but then you stop... "No!" - you say to yourself. Your attitude has to change: Today you won't masturbate, because today some girl will take care of your penis, or better: many girls! You will get to fuck someone today and you are willing and desperate to do anything necessary.

You get some clothes on and

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