Sisters and other Victims

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You lusted after them for so long. Your sisters. All three of them, actually. Seventeen year old Callie, the green-eyed, long blonde bombshell of the family, who inherited mom's looks, and dad's athleticism. Helena, the sixteen year old goth girl of the family, whose long blond black hair contrasted sharply with her pale white skin and dark blue eyes. And finally Katie, the fourteen year old baby of the family, with curly red hair and green eyes.

You're big brother to all of them, and done an excellent job from protecting them from the jerks that you know other guys can be. You always figured that it was just what big brothers did for their little sisters. But a part of you always knew you were trying to keep them from getting involved with too many other guys, before you got your chance.

Up until the time they started getting their tits, your sisters were cute and lovable, and totally non-sexual to you. But as their chest, hips, and asses swelled over time, you began to see them in a decidedly un-brotherly way.

They never returned the favor. You hear guys complaining about being trapped in the friend zone? Well, try the brother zone. Convincing a girl that you were friends with into sex didn't seem all that hard when compared to trying to seduce younger sisters who were full blood relatives, and who sometimes had a love/hate relationship with you to begin with. The entire strict Catholic upbringing thing didn't help your chances, either. All three sisters, as well as yourself, went to the local Catholic school, Saint Lilith's. This meant a lot of indoctrination against premarital sex, against lust, etc. On the other hand, it also meant lots of teenage girls in schoolgirl uniforms.

You aren't sure when you actually decided that you needed to fuck at least one of your sisters before you went nuts, or at least had one of yours explode. You knew it wasn't going to be easy though... not with your family's strict catholic upbringing, your sisters' natural innocence, and their often cold interactions with you. This isn't going to be like in those stories you've read about on the internet. There's zero evidence that any of your sisters think of you in a sexual way, or that they even think in a sexual way at all. So if you want to fuck any of of them, it's likely going to involve an element of force, or blackmail, or trickery. And quite probably harsh consequences for you if and when you parents find out. But even the thought of discovery and what would come after doesn't make you want to give up your plan. If this does get you in trouble, then you may as well enjoy it.

Do you:

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