Kiddie Katie

From Create Your Own Story

You walk over to Katie's room. Her head is bent over a book and your mom is with her. They look up as you reach the doorway. "Oh, good," your mom says, indicating you with her eyes. "You're here. You can help Katie with her homework."

"I'd be happy to," you reply.

"Great," your mom chirps, rising. You walk over to Katie's desk and your mom closes the door as she leaves.

"So, what are you having trouble with?" you ask your youngest sister.

"This stuff makes my head hurt," she grumbles. You look over and see she's having trouble with basic biology.

"What's so difficult about it?" you ask. "Your arms are here, your legs are here, your eyes are here..."

"There's just so much to memorize," she mutters angrily.

"Why don't you take a little breather?" you suggest. "We'll sit on the bed and let you relax for a few minutes, then you can start again with a clear head."

"I like that idea," she giggles.

You and Katie move over to the bed. She sits next to you and you wrap an arm lovingly around her and tilt her head so that it rests on your chest.

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