Pay a call to Callie

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Callie was the devoutest of your three sisters, even throwing the idea around of becoming a nun when she was older. But she was also the most physically mature, as evidenced by her nice sized tits, as well as her furtive glances at some of the guys in her classes. Dad never let any of them near her though. You weren't sure if she was still a virgin, as it was hard to tell if her religious upbringing and pious demeanor were enough to hold off the raging tide of hormones her body was experiencing. Virgin or not, this was probably going to be the best chance you'll ever have of nailing Callie.

You head to Callie's room. Her door is slightly ajar, as your parents discourage their children from shutting their doors completely. After all, you might be doing naughty things in there. You peak in through the open door.

Callie's room reflects her religiousness. A crucifix hangs on one wall, while a statue of the Virgin Mary sits on her dresser. A bookshelf contains multiple bibles and other religious books. Her closet door is open, revealing Catholic schoolgirl uniforms and other modest dresses.

Callie is sitting in her bed, dressed in her school uniform, which consists of a white shirt, black checkered skirts, and long white stockings. She has a large bible in her hands that she is reading with apparent great interest. So great is in interest that you can slip into the room without her even noticing that you are doing so. You quietly shut the door behind you.

What next?

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