Let's be the father instead

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You're father to three girls, and to a a son, too, although he's out of the house for the weekend. You're married to your childhood sweetheart, Wendy, having married her right out of high school and having your first daughter, Callie, within that first year. Wendy is still a beautiful woman, but she doesn't want to have sex with you as much as she used to, afraid of having another child. She's too religious to use any kind of birth control other than having you pull out or trusting on being in the right place in her cycle, but in the last year she has been reluctant to perform her wifely duties because she doesn't want to risk pregnancy. So you've been developing a serious case of blue balls.

You're not as religious as you used to be, although you did your best to raise your children to be God-fearing. Callie and Katie seemed to be acting properly, although Helena was a rebel, with her a dark make-up and hints of paganism. And your son was a pervert, to the point that you were getting worried about having him around your daughters. They were ripe fruit that you were afraid he was going to pick one day. You'd done your best to keep them away from boys, but it was hard to keep them away from their own brother.

And perhaps he wasn't the only man your daughters needed to be protected from. As your daughters bodies bloomed over the years, you'd guiltily noticed the occasional impure thought about them, and lately you'd even had the occasional dream involving one of them. You knew it was wrong to have such thoughts, but that didn't help to keep them from happening. You'd tried to turn to the bible for strength, but then stumbled upon the story of the daughters that laid with their father while he was drunk to get pregnant. You sensed that the devil was trying to worm his way into your soul, and you weren't sure how long you could hold him off.

Do you:

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