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Sword Art Online is the property of Kawahara Reki! I do not own it and I create this story out of love for the franchise!

Welcome to Aincrad! In this alternate version of the anime, Kirito never joined SAO but his sister, taking the name Leafa, did!

You have taken the name Mika after your pet cat.

You've been following the development reports for Sword Art Online since last summer, when it was revealed in the 2021 conference of E3. There Kayaba Akihiko announced his latest invention for the VRMMORPG genre! When it was finally released, you were one of the first people to buy of the game and, upon returning home, plugged it in and joined Aincrad.

The worst mistake you ever made.

It had been revealed that there was no log out button, causing the ten thousand players to become trapped inside. "The only way to exit the game," Kayaba announced in the Town of Beginnings, "is to complete all 100 floors defeating their bosses. Only then, may you leave Aincrad and return to the real world. And one final thing to mention, if you die in the game, you die in real life." Terror filled your soul, some players screamed in horror whilst others ran off to defeat the many bosses, hoping to free themselves from this nightmare.

The plaza was full with the ten thousand players, but there was an opening in which you could run out to the wilderness, kill some boars and ascend to the next floor.

So, what do you do?

Health 100 Equipment:

Basic Sword, Basic Armour

MP 100 Gold
Level 1
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