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Pre-Story Notes This story will use Trigger Words in some situations. For a tutorial, click the link.

You open your eyes...

Blinding white light fills your head, making it throb. Your head eventually stops hurting, and you regain vision as the lights grow less intense. You look around. You're sitting in a comfy chair, in what looks to be a lobby. In front of you there is a table, with a note on it. Dear Sir,

First of all, congratulations are in order. You have been selected from many human men to complete the task at hand. Now, you may ask, what is this task, how was I chosen? First of all, you were chosen because you are the ideal specimen. First, you have a high sex drive, and a relatively high sex appeal. You are also, for the most part, lonely. This task will take up most, if not all, of your time, so having no close friends or family helps.

Secondly, your task. This place you are in is called Gloryhole. Sometime, far into the future, it will be a haven for man and woman alike to release their sexual desires. However, this is no brothel, those are too limited. What we aim to do is to create a place where everyone can have their specific desires filled. To do this, we need more than a simplistic brothel. Now, after years of hard work, dedication, research, invention, innovation, and tons of funding, we are ready to take the first step. That first step, is you. Your task is to simply impregnate as many women as you can. You are the only human capable of doing this currently. We have made all the women here infertile, unless a certain sperm genome, yours, combines with theirs.

Now, for you to effectively do your job, you'll need to understand how this all works. From here, the lobby, you simply take an elevator to the desired floor, as each are labeled. Once there, you may have to choose a subcategory, or be greeted by a hallway with doors. Entering a door, all of which are labeled, some of which have information, you Begin the Room. From there on, you will usually fill the role of a character, whom you'll be given information on, although sometimes you'll remain yourself. The Rooms here range greatly from Video Games to Family. Once in, you'll be given more information on what to do. Regardless of room, it will usually involve having sexual relations with the girls in that Room. Upon exiting, the girls in the room will not remember you or what happened. This can be changed through Trigger Words. These words, given by the girls, will make them remember a previous event, causing the simulation of memory. The rooms are there own little pocket dimensions, where different rules apply. Due to this, reality may shift, or rooms may seem to collide when regarding size, but this is not the case.

Finally, the girls and you have been modified. First of all, the girls are ideal specimens for the story they're in. The girls are also always horny, although sometimes subconsciously, meaning that there is some way to seduce everyone in here, even if it takes a push. Their impregnation is very different. As said before, they will only impregnate for you, but there is a 100% they will get pregnant. Then, it only takes one week to give birth, and two weeks for the child to grow to an exact replica of her mom, memories and all. That is your true purpose of being here, for two clients may want the same thing at the same time. However, the pregnancy will not affect your Room until after you leave, meaning you can continue like ti didn't happen, unless scripted otherwise. You have also been given 100% fertility, stamina, strength, and horniness. This enables you to be able to keep going and want to. This horniness can be nullified if the story is otherwise scripted. For the final bit of information, you may Gender Swap in some stories. In this case you will become a female based upon the Room. In these, you are 99.8% guaranteed not to get pregnant, but we cannot perfect this perfectly. As always, there are some scripted instances where you have to get pregnant, but these are optional.

Ah, lastly, for real this time, is the Watch. You've been equipped with this small Watch, which displays the floor, and subcategory, and the Room, as well as a button used to return to the Lobby.


Gloryhole Inc.'

You stand up, perplexed and excited about this. Looking in a mirror you see that your face has also been changed, made more handsome, yet keeping the same overall features, like someone had taken his face and made it...better.

You go to the Lobby

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