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Grinding. The sound of a heavy stone being pulled away. Warmth.

You open your eyes and rub them. "Brother...?" you mumble tiredly at the blurry figured you see wreathed in light.

"Yes, my sister," the figure responds. Your vision clears after you rub your eyes. Incubus, your brother, is very slightly taller than you, slim but toned, and very nude at the moment. His skin is pale, ashen blue, and hairless from his chin down. His face is framed by shoulder-length, jet black hair, and set with feral yellow eyes. But his expression is gentle, his smile calming. "It is time for us to awaken."

Every five hundred years, you and your brother awaken in a deep cave, sealed within a chamber lit by torches and braziers that, while little more than a large dead end, it decorated lavishly, gold and jewels scattered along the walls and at the base of the natural pillars of stone. You had both long since forgotten why you were here, knowing only that it was imperative you both return here to sleep again in a year. Not that you could go anywhere if you wanted - the chamber was sealed. To pass the time you'd read one of the many ancient scrolls contained in the various ornate vases randomly dotting the room. Sometimes you'd redecorate a bit, just for a change of pace. It was really quite dull.

You, Succubus, step out of your sarcophagus and stroll over wearily to a pile of treasure upon which an ornate mirror rested. You raise it in front of you and look yourself over. Your skin, hair, and eyes are the same color as your brother's. But you are curvy and slim-waisted, with firm but heavy breasts topped by small, delicate nipples, thick curvy thighs, and a round ass. Your hair falls down pas your shoulderblades, but there is no trace of hair anywhere else on your body. The only other feature you share is a pair of small horns jutting out from your foreheads.

You pluck a scroll from a vase next to yours and your brother's sarcophagi, a text telling legends about your powers. You've never used them before, to the best of your knowledge, so you like to brush up.

Succubus, it reads, draws all of her power from cum. She must drink it down, hot from the cock - stored cum is powerless. It matters not whether she drinks it from man or beast, only that it is drawn from the source.

Incubus is entirely different, it continues. Rather than literally feeding on sex to gather his strength, he must merely bring his partner to orgasm. He absorbs the sexual energy directly from his partner, converting ecstasy into energy.

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