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You are the child of Lord Brokridge, the ruler of Brokridge castle and the surrounding fiefdom. Your father is a vassal of King Moren IV. Once a wise and strong ruler of the kingdom of Avasia, time and the loss of his four sons to disease has turned him into an embittered and violent old man, hellbent on destruction even at the cost of his loyal subjects. Eight months ago, a series of worrying disputes between Avasia and the neighbouring kingdom of Sorelmin sparked a huge and devastating war which has cost many lives. Last month, your father was ordered to take a contingent of troops and march on the rapidly approaching Sorelmin vanguard, which had bored of razing peasant villages and now threatened the king's capital itself. You have not heard from him since then, and the skies grow worryingly dark as the year grows to an end. The little crops which have been left untouched by the armies of the two kingdoms have been reaped; the meager supplies brought in with fleeing peasants. Your father left with his eldest son and your brother, Lucius. You are the eldest sibling of the household remaining, aside from your mother. Your younger sister and brother look up to you; although you are all adults now.

You are:

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