Stuck in the Elevator

From Create Your Own Story

Don't fuck this up.

This internship means everything. You applied to it for three years before you got in. Sure, you're mostly just a coffee jockey for a bunch of middle-aged marketing bros, but those bros are the key to your future.

Today, you have to make the big presentation at the morning meeting, showing off all the research you did on the new client. All that coffee-slinging won't count for shit if they don't like what you have to say.

Five minutes late. No one would notice on any other day, but now you're running through the lobby with your laptop in one hand and no-fucking-coffee in the other. Bad start. You press the button and the elevator opens right up. Thank god.

You slip into the elevator and turn around. You look out and see someone else running across the lobby.

Corina. She had it easy. She got the internship on her first try. She's the youngest intern they've had at the company. Now she's panicked, running with her perfect red hair, in her perfect suit, with her perfect shoes making an awful clacking sound as she runs on the tile floor.

You'd look a hell of a lot better today if she showed up later than you.

Do you:

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