Spy Satellite 3749. First Mission

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Inaugural Mission

Satellite 3749 has selected which quadrant of North America would be most susceptible. Result- a suburb in the state of Iowa. Economic indicators- upper middle-class. Population- 3,301. Female population- 1,649. Females of 18 years- 41. Number of females within this category whose cervical fluid contains sarthenin b- 3. Please complete your mission by extracting as much sarthenin b as possible. Good luck lieutenant.

Potential target descriptor list:

1. Jenni- blonde, hair a little shorter than shoulder length, sometimes worn in pigtails. average to slightly small height and build. classically beautiful delicate features. blue eyes. very pale. beasts average to slightly small, ass however is beautifully curved and developed. She is a virgin. Very intelligent and studious, but insecure, quiet, and socially awkward. Attends a private all-girls school out of town.

2. Anedina- dirty brown hair, head shaved on one side, hair length on the other side falls to shoulder blades. she is short and petite. cute face, looks younger than she is. nose slightly pug with stud piercing, beautiful hazel eyes. face slightly dotted with freckles. small breasts and ass. She is intelligent but rebellious. Likes to drink alot and take drugs, attend death-metal concerts.

3. Susan- redhead, luxurious shoulder length hair, average height and build. heavy eyebrows, strong bone-structure, ample lips. heavily freckled and somewhat tan. gorgeous green eyes. very full breasts. ass average. She is a simple good-natured girl. Very social. Plays field-hockey. Loves being outside and adores animals.

Please select the female with whom you would like to attempt extraction:

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