Star Wars: Escape from Echo Base

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With sirens blaring and alarms flashing blindingly, the evacuation of Echo base had begun. Rebel soldiers rushed to board the few transports that had survived the orbital bombardment that had decimated much of the fleet, once the shield generator had fallen. Yet deep within the heart of the Rebel command centre, Leia Organa, Princess of Alderaan and General of the Alliance, was completely oblivious to the danger she was in. Her ecstatic moans and the mechanical whirling of the 'service' droid did much to drown of the desperate warnings, along with the frantic beeping of her communicator left unchecked.
As she lowered herself further onto the droid's mercilessly pumping cock, she was blissfully unaware of the last outer line of defense finally collapsing, leaving the imperial forces almost completely unchallenged as they moved to storm the base.

Together, Leia and the Rebels pitifully moaned, yet one in pleasure and the rest in pain, as while Leia was filled by the vibrating metal shaft, the fallen Rebels were either put out of their misery, or dragged off for 'interrogation'. As the Snowtroopers arrived at the heavy blast doors leading into the base, Leia's moans became more ragged and desperate, with the magnitude and frequency of the vibrations becoming much, much higher. Then, as if it were perfectly timed, Leia explosively came all over herself and her 'companion' while the explosives simultaneously breached Echo base, sending a shockwave that pierced to even the deepest reaches of the bunker.

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