Slave to the Mist

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Your Apartment, and Your Job...

The apartment you live in resides within a larger complex, housing 8 seperate apartments for each of it's 10 floors. It has three rooms: one a small bathroom, one a small kitchen, and the largest room is both the bedroom and living room. The bathroom has no actual bath and merely a shower stall, as overall it is too tiny to have a bath even if you could afford one. The kitchen is little but has just enough room for a fridge, oven, some counter space and a few cubboards to fit snugly. There isn't any room for a table, so most of the time you end up eating in your living room.

On the eastern side of your living room, situated vertically against the north wall, is your bed. It is a single spring mattress and sitting beside it is a small night stand. A lamp and alarm clock take up most of the little surface area it covers, and the drawer is usually holds little bits and bobs you need to keep handy. On the opposite side of of the room, is your couch with a coffee table set in front of it. On a wooden stand that is just big enough for it, is your 21" television with a built-in DVD player. All your DVDs are stuffed in the cupboards on the stand just below the TV.

Past that, your apartment is rather bare. You just don't have the money to afford anything else. You work a job that pays minimum wage and gives you just enough money to eat and pay off your apartment each month. Although moving is an option when you gather up enough money, your apartment is only a block away from your workplace so you have no need for a car... luckily.

The Mist...

The Mist is something that exists in this world, and possibly the next. At least, this is what you remember reading in an article some time ago. You can't recall what magazine, nor even why you'd read such a thing but that is rather irrelevant now anyway. You also recall that there is no known explanation for it and despite falling into the realms of the supernatural (for no better category), even experts on the subject disbelieve it's existence. It received it's name from the description of it, given by those who have experienced it.

You have yet to actually experience it, but you will. And in time, maybe you will even come to understand it.

The Day Before...

You had gotten home from work exhausted, yet again, and had to fight the urge to collapse on your bed and pass out for the rest of the day. The urge slowly rose as the day went on, but you managed to finish everything you needed to do at your home. By late evening, you were finally able to settle down on your couch with the television on, and a plate of dinner in your hands. A strange memory popped into your head as you ate, of an article that you had read some time ago, however you dismissed it as a random thought and went on about your dinner.

As the next day started to roll in, you settled into bed to sleep...

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