From Create Your Own Story

This is a parallel universe where sex is completely common-place. Couples (or larger groups) can freely engage in lewd activities wherever they want. That is not to say that everyone is continuously rutting in your front yard. It is the same as our universe, where most people keep their activites to their bedroom. There are just no laws to prevent nudity or sex in public.

The only catch is that the world is run with a hierarchical structure. If you rank lower than another person, you must sexually submit to them completely. The ranks go from 1 at the bottom to 10 at the top. You have no number until your 18th birthday, at which point you are awarded a number based upon your school grades.

High rankers have better access to managerial jobs and are more likely to rise quickly through the company. The state can increase or decrease a person’s rank through recommendations from people with a higher rank. You must answer honestly whenever someone asks for your rank.

Now that you understand the rules, let’s jump in!

Which gender are you?

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