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Transporting obscene material is not legal. As the only obscene material transportation cases involving written material that have been successfully prosecuted are related to underage sex, such material is no longer permitted. All such content should be edited or removed. Removing this disclaimer will not alter the legality of posting underage sex stories, but may result in you being banned from posting on this site.

For those who wish to read or write such stories, a lolicon/shotacon website has created a similar wiki story system catering to underage stories. Please feel free to visit


Story Number Of Pages Notes
Game of Lust  ? (Private)
Game of Life 13 (Public) Please make these as disgusting as you like and ignor the laws of phisics.
Game of Thrones Fantasy 367 (Public)
Gamejumper romp 14 (Public)
Game Over fantasy 96 (Public)
A Gamer's Sex Adventure 8 (Do Not Edit)
Gauntlet Legacy  ? (Public)
Gay Academy 60 (Public)
Gay adventures 200 (Public) Feel free to add
Gay Middle School Sex 13 (Public)
Gay School Fun 8 (Public) Pit watchlist, only 8 pages
Gay Schoolboy Slut  ? (Public)
Gay Step-Dad  ? (Public)
Gay Teacher Adventure  ? (Do Not Edit)
Gay Teen At Eighteen  ? (Public) (Work In Progress. Feel free to add. good/decent grammar only please.)
Gay Vacation  ? (Public)
Gender switch 2 (Do Not Edit)
Generic Fantasy: The Erotic Adventure 5 (Public) Pit watchlist, last edited 11/25/2013, only 5 pages.
German Fantasy Story  ? (Public)
Getting a Job 70 (Public)
Getting Laid ? private
Ghost in the Shell 2 (Public)
The Ghost of the Mansion 86 (Public)
A Gifted Woman 5 (Public) Pit watchlist, 1 page edited 1/25/2014, other pages 2011-2012, only 5 pages.
Girl Island 20 (Public)
A Girl on Girl: My First Time (Lesbian) 44 (Public)
The Girls Are Your Playthings 41 (Do Not Edit)
Girl Scout Camp (The Sequel) 533 (Public)
Girl Scout Cookies 389 (Public)
Girlngirl Dorms 40+ (Public)
Girlngirl High (Lesbian) 144+ (Public) Mostly complete. See first page discussion for details
A Girl's Night Out (Lesbian)  ? (Do Not Edit)
A girl's life 9 (Public)(go wild I want to see where this takes us)
Girly Boy (bi) 20 (Public)
Glamour: The life of a model  ? (Do Not Edit)
Global Anarchy 17 (Private)( for now, but ultimately will be open to reasonable additions.)
Glory Holes WIP Template:Privite
God Of War III 0 (Public)
Goddesses  ? (Do Not Edit)
Golden Shower Magic WIP (Public) Gypsy witch gives man power over wife
A Good Life 30 (Do Not Edit)
Good son (bi) 1,056 (Public)
Goodbye 20 (Do Not Edit)
Gotham 17 (Public)
Gotham City: Anarchy 0 (Public) so far this is just for practice
Grand Dynasty 10 (Public) Please read the lore before moving on and editing. Thank you! Will eventually contain violence and sexual content, the latter more sparingly.
Gratification  ? (Public)
Gravity Falls: Dipper's return 0 (Public)
The Greatest Weekend Ever 20 (Public)
The Great Gatsby XXX 1 (Public)
Greek Mythology 1 (Public)
The Growing Adventure  ? (Contains furries, futas, and growth) (Public)
A Guy At An All Girls School 20 (Do Not Edit)
Gifted 101 (Do Not Edit)
Gymnastics Class W.I.P (Do Not Edit)
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