Sex Adventure

From Create Your Own Story

You have lived in New York most of your life. You lead an unassuming life and have a moderate income. It is a cold rainy day in New York City. You live alone in a small apartment about five blocks from Central Park.

Because you like the rain, you decide to grab your umbrella and backpack and go for a walk in the park. After strolling through the park for some time, you see an elderly man with a long white beard getting mugged by two large gang-bangers. The two men look Latino and have tattoos across their arms and face.

"There is no way I can take them both on," you say to yourself. You noticed a police officer at the entrance to the park. "Maybe I should go get some help." The old man seems like he is losing consciousness, and you might be too slow if you go get help.

"Maybe I can pretend I have a weapon on me and scare them off," you think.

Do you:

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