Silver (bi/gay)

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Based on the 1999 game, named Silver, the story follows David, a young warrior whose wife, among other women, is kidnapped by the eponymous evil wizard Silver.

As indicated by the title this story will add gay encounters to the otherwise heterosexual story, as the protagonist has a wife (which is why it's marked bi, too), but maybe at some point someone wants to add actual bisexual scenes. I'll leave it private for now, as I'm not entirely sure where this is going, but if someone's interested in helping, just start a discussion (knowing or playing the game would help ;).

For now, HP will always be restored after a battle, as I don't want to write every scene with varying health and the status menu won't be present during potential sex scenes as they will probably/usually be health-independent (if I don't change my mind on that).

I'm considering two routes at the moment, one where you pick up a shield and one without one. If you pick one up, there might be additional scenes or it's easier to get through a battle and if it breaks, you simply change to the route without it ... but it'll be some time before that becomes relevant, I think. ^^

The world is set in the fantasy world of Jarrah and the game takes place across 7 major islands and additional locations and aside from David as the protagonist several other characters join him on his quest, who will be introduced as necessary.

Important Characters:

David: probably early-mid twenties, warrior who lives in the forest with his wife Jennifer and his Granddad

Proud, young man, blond hair. Normal height, lean, muscular due to his combat training with his Granddad; Fast to learn; Wears a knight's armor with tight clothing underneath

Granddad: probably 50 to 60, capable warrior, living with David and Jennifer

Despite his age and white hair and beard, still a formidable fighter and still very muscled, not letting David get the better of him, just because he is younger; Wears a tight-fitting leather armor

Jennifer: probably early-mid twenties, David's wife

David's loving wife. Long, brown hair, kept in a pony-tail; Wears a plain dress

Silver: very old, evil wizard who killed his wife and kidnaps women in search of a new one

Very old-looking man, with long, white hair and wrinkled face, very powerful magician

Fuge: probably late twenties to late thirties, son of Silver and ruthless warrior, wields two swords

Monstrous man, with bulging muscles, grey hair and red-glowing eyes; Wears a large armor with spikes on the shoulder plates

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