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Named after the mythical city of old, the beautiful city of Atlantis is a shining beacon to the modern world. The peaks of it's buildings nearly touch the sky. The beaches that surround it glimmer in the sun. Also known for it's technological breakthroughs, outsiders look at Atlantis in awe at what every other city strives to be.

More than anything though, Atlantis is known for it's Superheroes and Superheroines that patrol the streets tirelessly. For just like everything good in the world, there are those that live to bring it to ashes. Underneath the bright lights and beautiful scenery there is a war being fought between the righteous Superheroes and the evil Villians who seek to bring chaos upon it's streets.

You will take the roles of those very same heroes in a effort to bring justice to the City of Atlantis...but not all battles can be won. Guide your Hero to win the day, or suffer the harsh taste of defeat.

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