Sexual School

From Create Your Own Story

Your name is Jake Longstead, and you just celebrated your twelfth birthday a week ago. For years now you've been fantasizing about the women in your life, and today you are going to do something about it.

'Bye, Mom!' you yell as you get on the bus. You 'accidentally' brush your elbow against her bosom as you head past her onto the school bus. Now what do you do?

You decide to sit next to

  • Serah Kowalski, fifteen year old captain of the cheerleading squad, arrogant beyond description. Your eyes linger on her cheerleader outfit, especially the half exposed tits and completely exposed legs.
  • Emma Longstead, your twin sister, with luxurious blonde hair that stops just above her buttocks.
  • Jackie Adamir, the school slut, probably fucked by every guy on the block. Still at the tender age of fourteen.
  • Sabrina DeVir, the twelve year old punk at the back of the bus. A social outcast
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