Submissive Slut's Birthday

From Create Your Own Story

Happy Birthday! That's right it's your Birthday. Who are you? You're a young woman with an insatiable lust and and submissive one at that.

You are:

Lana: Age 18. Your Mistress is a Futanari named Felicity, Age 25. You know she doesn't care for you beyond a place to put her cock but she pretends anyways, and that's all you can ask.

Daphne: Age 22 You're a TA and your Mistress, who is also your Professor, is Mrs. Robinson. You both know what this is, just sex, and you're both perfectly fine with that.

Becca: Age 20 Your Mistress is Alice. A rich woman about fifteen years older than you and quite wealthy, owning a string of hotels, one of which you work at as a cook.

Marion: Age 22 A chubby hentai obsessed slut who works as a librarian at the local University. Your Master is Judas and you have been together since high school.

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