The Slut

From Create Your Own Story

You're a fifteen year old girl in high school. Your name is Victoria. You have long, wavy red hair and a pale complexion, with soft skin and ice blue eyes. You're a little short, 5'3", and very slender at just over 105 pounds. Your breasts are fairly well developed, about a C-cup, and firm too. You dress however you want to, and no-one complains to your face, but you know what they call you behind your back.

When you were only thirteen, you got caught kissing Brandon in the gym after school by a group of girls. It was just a kiss, and Brandon started it, but they all spread rumors that you were a huge slut. Pretty soon, your whole middle school had heard about it. You were relieved when you entered High School, but the rumors spread here just as fast. You've never even dated anyone, but everyone thinks of you as a slut.

It's Saturday, and you are at the mall, shopping for new clothes. Whatever you wear, they'll call you a slut, you realize. You tried dressing modestly, and it didn't work. You're sick of how everyone treats you.

You find several different outfits you like, but can only afford one of them.

Black skinny jeans and a tight grey t-shirt

A short, red miniskirt and a black longsleeve

Pink leggings and a blue cut-off tank

Blue denim shorts and a yellow tank

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