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You are a 12 year old boy, just discovering all of the new feelings that come with that age. Your Mom works late evenings as a waitress so your older sisters or babysitters have been in charge when you have gotten home from school every day for as long as you can remember. Amy, a Junior in high school, has been a cheerleader since she was your age. She always gets straight A's and is easily one of the most popular girls in school. All the girls want to be her and the guys want to be with her. Beth started gymnastics when she was 6 and ballet at 8. By 10 years old her teachers were giving her high school work just to try to challenge her. "Prodigy" they called her. But on a waitress's pay there was barely enough food on the table and clothes for school. Gymnastics and ballet are on scholarships with hand-me-down uniforms.

But then there is the house. Paid for while your mom was still married to your Dad, your Mom got to keep it in the divorce. Your Dad took everything else. Separate bedrooms for each of you and two bathrooms on the upper floor, kitchen living room and games room on the main floor and a finished basement with its own full bathroom.

Tonight though is Friday night and both of your sisters are out for the night leaving you with a babysitter.

What Would you like to do

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