Sarah's Story

From Create Your Own Story

You are Sarah Parker. You are a young girl of 15 years, with long black hair, and deep, beautiful blue eyes. You are proud of how you look. Every aspect of you is perfect in your eyes. Your 32D breasts are wonderful. Some girls may be bigger, but yours are so perfect. Your ass is larger than most, and also very wonderful. Thick and bouncy, as it should be. You are almost in love with yourself. You are a girl of many fetishes, a trait that you don't know will come in handy during this journey, but almost everything gets your engine going. You have usually tried to be a good girl. You have good grades, and are kind enough to everyone you meet. But you do have a darker side to you. You like to smoke and drink, and have the ability to be very cruel. You hide it, but cold easily let it out.

Your mother is to thank for your body, and most of what you are, except the potential for cruelty. Carol Parker, the one who birthed you, possesses many of the same features as you. Her eyes, however, are a lighter, pale blue. Her tits are larger than yours, at 34DD. It is a source of jealousy for you, but you are still growing, so you may yet overcome that difference. Her ass is smaller than yours, thankfully, giving you that avenue of victory over her. She is a kind, caring woman, and a good mother, wanting nothing but the best for her baby, and being nothing but proud of her. Carol smokes, and partakes in the occasional glass of wine, habits she wishes you wouldn't pick up, but she could never stop you.

You are all too aware of your mom. If you love your own body, it would make sense to love her's, as well. If made to tell the truth, you would say you want her body, so you plan to get it, any way you can. How you do it, however, needs to be decided. And who knows, the future might include even more for you. You may decide to take even more people for yourself, but for now, what do do with mom?

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