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Transporting obscene material is not legal. As the only obscene material transportation cases involving written material that have been successfully prosecuted are related to underage sex, such material is no longer permitted. All such content should be edited or removed. Removing this disclaimer will not alter the legality of posting underage sex stories, but may result in you being banned from posting on this site.

For those who wish to read or write such stories, a lolicon/shotacon website has created a similar wiki story system catering to underage stories. Please feel free to visit


Story Number Of Pages Notes
Faction (Gay) 29 (Do Not Edit)
The Fairly Oddparents: Timantha's "Hot" Adventure 4 (Public)
Fairy Fun 17 (Public)
Faith's punishment 19 (Public)
Fallen Valour 0 (Public) (Make sure to read the first page thoroughly before editing)
falling for him 1 (Do Not Edit) (Private)
Fallout: Post-Apocalyptia 1 (Public)(WIP)
Fallout 68 (Do Not Edit)
Fallout 0 3 (Public)
Fallout: New Vegas 16 (Public)
Fallout: New Vegas XXX Edition 4 (Public)
Fallout 4 52 (Public)
Fallout 4 Revised 13 (Public) Much like one above, just simpler
Fallout 4:XXX 2 I hate to add another one, but the ones above are kinda messy. Maybe an admin can move them?
Fallout Shorts 15 (Public)
Fallout:The Wastes 1 (Do Not Edit)
En Famille 1 (Public) French based on a TV Sitcom (Incest)
Family Adventures 3 (Public)
Family Business 1 (Do Not Edit) tags:incest Please don't edit
The Family Business 8 (Do Not Edit)
The Family Dog 50 (Public)
Family Guy 48 (Public)
Family Haunting 73 (Private) (Incest) As a ghost, you must remove inhibitions from a family or go to hell
Family Holiday 1 (Private)
Family Life 24 (Public)
Family Love 12 (Do Not Edit)
A Family Matter 15 (Private) (Contain incest, lesbian, young)
Family Movies 21 (Public) Family makes incest movies to pay off debt
Family Of Freaks 9 (Public)
A Family of Nuns 22 (Do Not Edit)
Family Possession 53 (Public)
The Family Reunion 2 (Public)… though write well or face removal.
Family Reward & Punishment 12 (Private) (Incest) A husband suggests new methods of rewarding and punishing their children
Family Romance 7 (Private)(WIP)
The Family Secret 12 (Do Not Edit)
Family Stuff 1 (Private)(WIP)(Incest,Bestiality}
Family Ties 459 (Public)
Family Time 4 (Public)
The Family Vacation 4 (Public)
Family Vacation: On the Road 14 (Public) (However please don't delete anything that has been written)
Family Values 8 (Public)
Family Vibe (WIP) 2 (Private)
Fantasy Creatures 160 (Public) (See talk page before editing.)
Fantasy Gay Sex 1 (Do Not Edit)(Gay)
Fantasy Journey 202 (Public)
Fantasy Land 5 (Public)
Fantasy Life 64 (Public) (Can be as crazy as you want it to be. Please go out of your way to make sure that all contributions use proper grammar. Any contributions with poor grammar will be deleted promptly.)
Fantasy of Nobles 1 (Public)
Fantasy of OOfs 5 (Private)
Fantasy Roleplaying 1 (Private)
Fatal Bullet 23 (Public)
Fat Fuck Fest 9 (Public) – let’s bring those nasty fantasies to life! All encounters must contain at least one fat person (but not necessarily only fat people).
Female Relative in, Fictional Sex Surrogate out! 7 (Public)
Fetish (WIP) 12 (Do Not Edit)
Fetish Hotel 6 (Do Not Edit)
Filthy Rich McBillionaire 34 (Do Not Edit)
Finky's Mansion 24 (Do Not Edit)
Fire Emblem Fucking 9 (Public)
First Date 8 (Public)
First Day At College 18 (Do Not Edit)(Gay)
Force them all 1 (Public)
Forced Exhibitionist 28 (Public)
Forcing your little daughter 27 (Public)
Forest Life 6 (Public) (Edit, but edits must make sense. Anything that seems too random will get deleted.)
Fortnite 1 (Private)
FortNut Battle Royale 2 (Private)
The Fountain of Youth 2 (Private)
Free Spirit 48 (Public)
Freedom Keeper 13 (Public) (Please Edit and add more pages, just keep it realistic!)
Free-Use 16 (Private)
Freshman Dream 20 (Public)
Freshman Year 41 (Public)
Friday Night 56 (Public)
That Friend Jake 17 (Public)
From 1700-1950 and everything in between. 2 (Public)
Frozen heart 30 (Public)
Fuck school 6 (Private)
Fuck Your Friend 21 (Public)
Fucking Classy 30 (Public)
Fucking in Faerun 3 (Public)
Fun time in school 10 (Public)
Fun Times in Oceanview City 3 (Do Not Edit)(Lesbian)
Fun With The Family 2 (Do Not Edit) Pit watchlist, last edited on 19 May 2015, only 2 pages.
Furries and Sex 3 (Public) Pit watchlist, last edited on 5 March 2014, only 3 pages.
Furry Fantasy 2 (Private) (read guide before posting)
Furry Fling 9 (Public) Pit watchlist, last edited on 9/16/2013, only 8 pages.
Furry "Hunt" 6 (Private)(WIP)
Furry World 1,450 (Public)
Futa Club 23 (Private)
Futa Kingdom 33 (Public)
Futa Problems 64 (Public)
Futa Quest 2 (Private)
The Futa Story 25 (Public) (do not edit written pages)
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