Slaves Life

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Son of a noble, holder of lands, one who strikes fear into the commoners. Today is the day of your reckoning, the day you take your first steps to controlling your fathers lands, the day for your first slave. Excitement runs down your spine at the mere sight of the slave house that looms over the cresting hill.

"Easy there."

A firm hand on your shoulder causes your eyes to wander towards your fathers bearded face, his calm eyes looking into yours.

"I know... It's just... After all these years...." You're unable to finish your sentence but your father nods with a faint smile.

"Indeed, today is a big day, not just for you but myself. I'm so proud of you, and the man you are growing into." The smile fades from his face with a small nod leaving his eyes to gaze forward towards the approaching building.

The warehouse is packed to the brim with people flooding in and out of the building. Arriving upon horse back with an armed guard of 10 men, commoners are quick to leave from your path.

"As they should." Your father mutters softly under his breath only for you to hear making a smile graze over your lips.

"Welcome sir!" A small voice calls out to your father from a rather oddly slumped man, one shoulder higher than the other giving him a odd gait. Having come to the market for some years your recognize the small man as Garmen, the auctioneer and owner of the slaves here today.

"Garmen, it is good to see you again old friend." Hopping from his saddle your father shakes Garmens hand with joy as the two exchange in small talk as they walk towards the warehouse leaving you behind.

Do you:

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