Space Station Bordello

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Hello, internet! Before we get into Space Station Bordello, I wanted to give a heads up.

  • First and foremost, at the moment this story is private, but once I have a good base built up I'll open it to the public.
  • Second, though this story is in the Adult section, it's not just about porn. My vision for this story is a sort of action/adventure campaign with lots and lots of butt sex.
  • Third, because this isn't just about sex, there will be a good deal of reading. Don't worry though, you'll never be reading for too long that you won't find a sex scene. Like I said, lots of butt sex.
  • Fourth, I have a lot of fetishes. A lot. Most of them will come (pun intended) into this story, and each sex option will be labeled with the contents of the sex scene. Therefore, if you're a bit squeamish about a certain fetish, you can choose the non porn option.
  • Finally, this is a pretty busy time for me, so progress might be slow, but it will be steady!

If you're cool with all that, go ahead and press this button.

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