The Slave Mansion

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The Slave Mansion lies far in the country side and is surrounded by a prosperous landscape, with a big forest and mountains nearby. It is almost entirely self-sufficient and is managed by the many girls that live there.

It was founded by the young master of the house who inherited a large company when his parents died, and with it a large fortune. He spent most of the money building the mansion and equipping it.

The Young Master is around 30 years old and is married to The Head Mistress (though you could say they have an open relationship). He spent the second year after the deaths of his parents acquiring the staff and the first "residents" while the mansion was being built. Before his parents died he was active within the bondage, sm community where he met The Legendary Dungeon Master.

The permanent staff exists of: The Chef, The Head Maid, The Head Mistress(the wife of the young master), The Stable Master, The Farmer, The Legendary Dungeon Master, The Head Groundskeeper, The Butler and of course: The Young Master.

The Slave Mansion is a place for girls wanting to be slaves or mistresses. It is a learning institute where the residents are taught submission and dominance and they learn to master their "fetish". "There are many types of submission and many forms of slaves, here we teach them all."

First of: who are you?

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