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You crack your eyes open, unable to remember much of anything from before the explosion. Your head throbs and a ringing sound fills your ears.

As you stand, you note that you have a muscular build. As soon as your head clears, you look around the room. You find a bunch of men and women in lab coats charred and dead on the ground. What happened here? Why did you survive? Did you cause this?

Your questions would have to wait. The ceiling cracks above you, causing a chunk of concrete to descend upon you.

As you flinch down, you subconsiously cause your skin to harden into a rocky, slate grey form. You hardly even feel the concrete as it shatters on your stone flesh. You stand, and as you relax your skin returns to normal. That was odd. You can turn impervious.

You decide to exit the crumbling building. You seem to be able to survive in here, but climbing out of rubble isn't your idea of a good day. You exit the room to find another pile of rubble in the way. As you try to lift it out of the way, your muscles glow red. You toss the rubble aside like styrofoam.

You keep walking until you find another door. It appears to be steel-reinforced, and linked to a busted control panel. Your muscles glow red as you try to pull it, but you can't get a good grip. You desperately push on the door. Suddenly, you are engulfed in black wisps, and you find yourself falling through the steel door.

You are now in a room with a video camera sweeping the room. You have a feeling that if whoever was recording this caught a glimpse of you escaping, they would do whatever it takes to get you back. And if they had the means to create you, who knows what else they could do? As the camera turns in your direction, you instinctually turn invisible, allowing you to stroll on into the next room.

You see glass double-doors up ahead, and the ceiling is cracking in this room as well. Just wanting to get out of there, you dash toward the exit. Your legs become a blur, and you reach the exit much more quickly than anticipated. It turns out you ran there at supersonic speeds.

You stand outside and watch the building crumble. So, now you know you have at least five powers, and you can only use one at any given time.


You can use: Invulnerability | Super Strength | Intangiblity | Invisiblity | Super Speed

You run to town. Where do you want to go from here?

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