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Transporting obscene material is not legal. As the only obscene material transportation cases involving written material that have been successfully prosecuted are related to underage sex, such material is no longer permitted. All such content should be edited or removed. Removing this disclaimer will not alter the legality of posting underage sex stories, but may result in you being banned from posting on this site.

For those who wish to read or write such stories, a lolicon/shotacon website has created a similar wiki story system catering to underage stories. Please feel free to visit


Story Number Of Pages Notes
Mage Games (Gay Fantasy) 31 (Public)
Magic and Mayhem 195 (Private)
man idk 27
March of the Dark Elves 44 (Public)
Marmota Nights 165 (Do Not Edit)
Marvel Erotic Universe 110 (Public)
MK 11 Stories 0 (Public)
Masochist me24(Public)
Mass Effect: Sex Edition 19 (Public)(, but please have prior gaming knowledge of the Mass Effect series)
The Master's Mansion 17 (Do Not Edit)
Medieval Adventures 13 (Public), bad articles will be removed.
Medieval Fun 14 (Private)
Medieval Kingdom 25 (Public)
Meet'n'fuck Beach Vacation 34 (Public)
Megan (An Exercise In Violence) 24 (Do Not Edit) Complete.
Megan the 4nicator 1 (Public)
Melanie and Michael 14 (Do Not Edit)
Men in black: erotic saga 0 (Public) (You may edit but Keep the main characters)
Merit Badges 11 (Public)
Messaging Alexis 30 (Public)
Middle School 26 (Public)
MILF Isle 3 (Public)
Millennial High: Freshman Fun 17 (Do Not Edit)
Mind Control 52 (Public)
The Mind Controlling Device 36 (Public)
Mind over matter 43 (Do Not Edit)
Minotaur Maze 32 (Public)
Misfortunes of an Asian College Girl 18 (Public)
Mom's A Drunken Whore 24 (Public)
Moms can be bad 37 (Public) (I welcome you to add to this story i hope to see what you all come up with)
Monster Girl Adventure 42 (Public) (Don't want to write a lot? Just add your content to the suggestions page!) Pm Vgybhu for Pruning, story arc(s), and general information.
Modern Family 22 (Public)
Mormon Missionaries Gone Wild 7 (Private) (Gay)
Most Lore-Friendly Story In Existence 17 (Do Not Edit)
A Mother's Love 11 (Public) ((Edit However You Want But It Must Stick To The Incest Pattern)
The Morning After 73 (Public)(read the rules for posting!)
The Mountain Chalet 73 (Public)(read the rules before posting!)
Mortal Kombat 20 0 (Public)(you are next)
Multiversal Madness 4 (Private)
My Hero Academia 49 (Public)
My kind of Neighborhood 49 (Public)
My Life 17 Template:Read only
My Little Neko 45 (Private)
My Mom Is A Shemale 27 (Public)
My next door neighbors 95 (Private)
Mythical Adventure 23 (Public)
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