Special Agent 0069

From Create Your Own Story

You are Nicole Valla, an athletic young woman of Norwegian descent. Immediately after graduating from high school you were enlisted into a top secret espionage agency known as the Foundation of Intelligence, Surveillance and Terminations, otherwise known as F.I.S.T. After 18 months of intensive training you are now a licensed field operative, and today you received your first mission.

Vladimir Konstantin is a captain in the Russian mafia working out of Prague. He primarily runs prostitution and drugs but recent information suggests that he has begun to smuggle weapons as well. Your mission is to infiltrate Konstantin's operation and verify if he has become an arms dealer. If he has, eliminate him. Nobody will admit to sanctioning your actions (or even to the existence of F.I.S.T.) so if you get caught you're on your own.

Your briefing over, you leave F.I.S.T. HQ. Your flight to Prague leaves in 6 hours.

Do you:

Mood Excited
Psyche 100
Endurance 100
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