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Academia de Aprendizaje Superior Soledad is the name of a rather prestigious University founded under Spaniard rule by Antonio Soledad Gutierrez y Mendoza back in 1776 in East California meant to teach astronomy, writing and mathematics to aspiring Catholic priests. It was abandoned in 1811 right after the Mexican Independence to be later re-opened in 1915 by Antonio III, heir of the original builder and owner of the facilities as a boarding school under the name of Solitude Academy. After the passing of Antonio III, it was refurnished to be first an institute of mental health, a hospital during WWII and later again a boarding school in the 60's, this time exclusively for young women.

The name of the Academy is very fitting, since it's surrounded by wilderness and there doesn't seem to be a populated area near the school for well over 40 miles. This was hardly an issue back when there was a small town on its outskirts back in the 18th Century and it was meant to be a sort of Monastery anyway; but nowadays it presents itself with all sort of problems, namely the lack of internet, cellphone coberture, and the difficulty of procuring electricity and water. Nevertheless, the school stands as a testimony that anything can be a business.

Solitude Academy is exceedingly particular in more than one way. First, teachers are basically walking gods. Their rule is absolute and physical punishment is not frowned upon by any of their staff. Any sort of punishment has been heard of at one point or the other. Legends will often speak of buried students here and there in the Academy's grounds.

The second thing you might notice is that between the student body there is a rather large gap of income. Solitude Academy is almost exclusively attended by two circles of people: one would be old-fashioned, dirty-rich families who want the school to make out of their daughters a "proper lady", whatever that might mean; and the other circle are orphans, who are stuck in the boarding school until they graduate.

The second point raises the more eyebrows, because the mixing of rich and poor people seems to be stranger than the use of corporal punishment. A mysterious patron keeps sending these female orphans for whatever reason, covering all their outrageously expensive tuitions and little else. This forces the orphans to live in rather sub-par conditions while in the academy, even misery.

Lastly, Solitude Academy advertizes itself as a female boarding school but that is not entirely true. A small minority of male students attends some of the classes and has no other contact with the female students otherwise. Other than that, there are very few men in the huge facility that is the Solitude Academy, only the strictly necessary jobs that can't be done by women due to sexual dymorphism.

The school has as many stories as students, and on its over 50 years there is a lot to choose from:

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