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Transporting obscene material is not legal. As the only obscene material transportation cases involving written material that have been successfully prosecuted are related to underage sex, such material is no longer permitted. All such content should be edited or removed. Removing this disclaimer will not alter the legality of posting underage sex stories, but may result in you being banned from posting on this site.

For those who wish to read or write such stories, a lolicon/shotacon website has created a similar wiki story system catering to underage stories. Please feel free to visit


Story Number Of Pages Notes
Rampage 4,367 (Public)(-but any contributions with poor grammar will be immediately deleted)
Ranger's Apprentice WIP (Public)
Rapeville 9 (Private)
Rape Family WIP (Public)
Rape Magnet 1 (Do Not Edit)
Red Mobster 108 (Public)
Red Mobster: The Rail Thin Red Head: George Lucas Special Edition 4 (Do Not Edit) Complete
Reddit's /r/GayIncest Adventure 18 (Private) - /r/GayIncest Subscribers Only (Please)
Research Facility 3 (Do Not Edit)
Reverse Harem 0 (Public)
Reversible(Gay) 12 (Private)
Right fat bastard 30 (Public)
Rich Family 20 (Public)
A Romantic One Night Stand 4 (Private)
Roman Late Imperial Era 15 (Public)
Roommate Fun(Gay) 1 (Private)
Rosie 2 (Private)
Rotten Family 1 (Private)
Rule34ia 11 (Do Not Edit)
RWBY SeXXXy 167 (Public)
RWBY - The Lewd Huntsman 15 (Do Not Edit)
RWBY XXX 12 (Public) (-Only fans of the show please, and keep the characters somewhat true to the show)
The Nobility 1 (Private)
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