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You're engaging in your favourite pastime - browsing for erotic art of your favourite fictional characters - on your computer, when a glowing band of violet neon light suddenly stretches across your screen!

Thinking it to be some new bullshit ad or censoring method, you begin clicking on it furiously... Only to feel the world around you begin to rumble and lose cohesion with every click! By the time you've managed to stop yourself it's too late; the band has snapped, causing your world to fade rapidly into utter blackness. You feel yourself falling endlessly through empty space for several moments before your consciousness is finally snuffed out as well.

Though it feels like an unmaking, in reality your essence is stretched out to encompass an entire realm - a new universe drawn from the fragments of your knowledge and experience, all in the space of a moment.

And you aren't the only one to inhabit it! For as you are pulled through the veil, so too are countless variations of the characters so commonly and lewdly portrayed in the darkest corners of the internet... With all the "attributes" and personality they had been rendered with, as well as cartoonish levels of physical endurance despite their new fleshy, dimensional bodies.

Will you choose to see through their eyes, observing how they adapt to life in your kingdom? Or will you occupy your rightful identity as the lone true human and first arrival, the all-powerful king and founder of Rule34ia? The choice is yours.

But be warned... New arrivals to this kingdom may arrive at any point in its history, under any circumstances, and with anything from no knowledge or memory of their circumstances to a fully-furnished life, complete with memories, worldly possessions, and family. And doppelgangers, no doubt originally rendered in some other piece of lascivious artwork featuring the same character, are common!

Welcome to Rule34ia.

The King

Ser Maxwell, the Holy Knight (Goof Troop)

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