Rape Magnet

From Create Your Own Story

Your life isn't looking so good right now.

Your name is Angel Wallace. You're 23, 5'3", busty, have a nice butt, have long, blonde hair and tan white skin. You live with two roommates- your friend Paula and her boyfriend Rick- and you're currently working at a convenience store. Last night, you made the mistake of cutting off a voodoo witch doctor in traffic, and he placed a curse on you.

Every man in the world, once they see you, will want to rape you, no matter who they are, how old they are, or even if they're gay or not. No woman will try to stop them, in fact, they'll even encourage it. The witch doctor unknowingly made the curse cause you great pleasure during this.

You don't really think the witch doctor was being serious, so you plan to go about your day as normal. What do you do first?

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