Red Mobster

From Create Your Own Story

This is the story of the rise and fall of Russian Mobster. You are the Russian Mobster, Iosif Kulinsky. It is the late '70s. The '70s are coming to an end and it is nearing a new generation and decade of crime, the 1980s. You are in St. Petersburg, Russia. You joined hands with the Russian Mafia when you were 16 and became a full time member at age 24. Now it's 1979, you are 35 years old. You've been hired to a hit and a drug trade. After you killed your target, a detective, you immediately go to the drug trade meeting. You and the members of the meeting are ambushed by unknown masked men heavily armed with AKs and grenades. You are forced to fight your way out of the gunfight. You manage to kill all 15 ambushers, you're the only one alive. However, the police are onto you.

Where do you escape:

Health 60 Equipment:

AK, Briefcase, Bloody Suit

MP -
Level -
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