RWBY - The Lewd Huntsman

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This is a not safe for work RWBY alternate universe story that is set around the time of Volume 3, particularly around the time of the Vytal Festival. This story has the same basis as my previous story “RWBY SeXXXY" and will have some similarities or even parts that are the same. However, I wish to take things in a different direction, but do not want to remove contributions to that story made by others. As such, I am using this story for my personal telling whilst leaving RWBY SeXXXy for anyone to work on as they wish. Though I will be trying to keep the story free from any spoilers, there will be times where this simply isn’t possible so this should be considered a spoiler warning. Also, a good amount of the non-sexual material will consist of similar content regardless of chosen gender, especially early on in a story chain.

For the time being, the story will not progress into the territory of the Volume 3 finale and beyond. This may change as time goes on, though it is not likely until all story threads are completed up to that point. Additionally, I will do my best to keep true to all the characters and conventions of RWBY, but obviously some changes will have to be made to account for the adult nature of this story. Also, I have a rough idea for some Faunus reader characters, these will be implemented once I have the standard reader characters fleshed out a little bit more.

Additionally, I welcome feedback from fans of the show and if you have ideas about how the story could continue or if you think that any changes should be made, feel free to let me know. Otherwise, enjoy!

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