From Create Your Own Story

You awake in a room you've never seen before. There is a bathroom to your right with a stand-up shower, a toilet, and a sink. You look down to see you are laying on a dirty single mattress with no sheets. The only other thing in the room is what seems to be a piece of black fabric at the end of the mattress. As you stand up, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror in the bathroom - your long, dark hair draped over your erect nipples. It is freezing, you think to yourself. You approach the only vent in the room and feel cold air coming out of it. You look around for a Thermostat, but see nothing. You grab the piece of fabric off the floor and drape it over yourself, hoping for a little bit of warmth. Unfortunately, the piece of fabric is a mini dress that ends right under your slit, exposing a portion of your ass without even bending over. The top portion is so small, your breasts are squeezed together tightly - one wrong move and they will both pop out.

Seeing as you have no other option, you approach the only door in the room and reach for the handle. That's when you notice there is no lock on the inside. You open the door and realize there is no lock on the outside either. How strange, you begin to think, but are distracted by the bright colours on the front of the dress. Fresh Meat in pink, glittery letters reads across the front of your dress. Again, you begin to think about how strange this situation is, but become distracted for a second time. "Woohoo, boys! Fresh meat!" You hear a man call out. "Not for long!" Another one yells, both of them laughing as they walk down the street. When you finally collect your thoughts, you begin to look around. You're in a seemingly normal town, although a little run down looking. There is a gas station and variety store across the street, but from where you are standing everything else is just houses. You do notice a small park in the other direction, but it doesn't look like a place children play anymore. You close the door behind you and notice you are part of a building of about 10 rooms, all which you assume look just like the one you woke up in.

Do you:

Go left towards the gas station

Go right towards the park

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