The Nobility

From Create Your Own Story

The year is 1775 Anno Domini. You are a member of a noble family somewhere in Europe, apart of the semi-exclusive group of movers and shakers in a world on the brink of change. The American Revolution is but a year away, the French Revolution not far off from that. This is a time of social upheaval, when the commonfolk, the peasants, the yeomanry, the growing bourgeoisie, are clamoring for liberty, representation, and (among the more radical reformers) the total abolition of the institution of monarchy.

But, these changes do not trouble you, at least not yet. You are content in your status, living as you please, with little-to-no care for the world outside of your noble bubble. Spending your time at balls, and galas, and practicing the arts befitting a noble.

How will your life change with the world around you? Will you adapt to the new ways of the world, or suffer the fate destined to befall stubborn, obstinate men and women like yourself? Let us find out.

From where do you hail?

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