Roommate Fun

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In a quad dorm room, 4 young men named Barry, David, Drew, and Sandy live together for the school year. All 4 are freshman right out of high school.

Barry: A small, nerdy guy who can be very quiet. As the others have learned however, he's actually quite cunning if you get on his bad side. He has brown, long hair, green eyes, and is slightly chubby.

David: A blunt, oblivious guy who the others tolerate. He has no why the others get so angry with him at times. He has short, black hair, hazel eyes, and is slightly overweight but, still quite strong.

Drew: A kind, optimistic guy who's currently on the lacrosse team. He's known Sandy since they were kids and is slightly annoyed that he's in the same room. He has short, light brown hair, blue eyes, and a lean, toned body.

Sandy: An impulsive, cocky guy who's on the wrestling team. He doesn't care about the personal space of anyone in the room except Barry. He has short black hair with the middle dyed blonde, brown eyes, and a slim but, muscular body.

Who will you be?:

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