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This is a NSFW RWBY story set during Volume 3 of the show where you will take the role of a student of Beacon Academy. This takes place during the Vytal Festival and I will try to keep the story as spoiler free as possible (though in some cases this may not be possible, so readers should consider this a spoiler warning for the first three volumes) and I would ask any contributors to do the same.

I may move on to Volume 4 and beyond, but not until after I have completed the story paths for the Volume 3 parts.

Feel free to add to this as you please and let your imaginations run wild with it, even go beyond this point in the series if you can do it with good story reasons. I am not particularly bothered about spelling/grammar/formatting as I think the story takes precedence over these things. I may alter any mistakes if I do notice them and if there is any content added that does not fit how I want the story to flow I may edit or remove it, please don't take offence if I do so.

If you do decide to add to the story though, please try to make sure that it follows on from previous events.

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