Rotten Family

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The Davis family has always been close. Jonathan and Jennifer Davis had worked hard to make their family as close as possible. They have three children, John, 22 years old, and Jenny and Jessy, both 19, whom have mostly taken this to heart. However, whilst John and Jessy get along, Jenny had been cold to her brother since she was 12. So much so that when John inherited their grandparents house and moved out 2 years ago, he saw it as a blessing. In order to keep in contact with his family, he would let his sisters stay in his house whenever they don't stay in their college dorm. He also receives regular visits from his uncle, Jerry.

Who will you be?

  • Jonathan Average build with green eyes and black, greying hair. Jerry's older brother.
  • Jennifer Slim build with DD cups, blue eyes and blond hair.
  • John Slight muscular build with green eyes and blond hair.
  • Jenny Slim build with D cups, one green and one brown eye and black hair.
  • Jessy Slightly chubby build with C cups, blue eyes and blond hair.
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