Rape Family

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You have been having dreams about someone that you have no business dreaming about, at least not in a sexual way. Had it been one time you could have written it off as something innocent, but it has been happening for weeks. It has been every night and always find it is the same family member. you know you have to do something about it before you lose your mind. You have thought of blackmail, but that takes a lot of time to plan and a lot that can go wrong. It has not been an easy choice, but you finally decided to rape the person. It is the only way.

The male members of the family are John, Bill and Sam. John is 40 years old and the father of the family. Bill is the 25 year old son. Sam is the 20 year old son.

The female members of the family are Joy, Tabatha and Lisa. Joy is 38 years old and the mother of the family. Tabatha is the 22 year old daughter. Lisa is the 18 year old daughter.

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