Star Trek: Jadzia's Adventure

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This story follows Jadzia Dax from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as she goes on her sexual adventures. Please remember to leave feedback, it really helps a lot to know what the readers think. Enjoy!

Personal Log: Lieutenant commander Jadzia Dax: "For several days I have noticed a change in the crew of the station. It all began when Chief O'Brien and I recovered the remains of an old Klingon Bird of Prey and some dead Klingons.

I can't say what went wrong exactly but since then, many people have been behaving aggressively and irritatably. Ensign DeCurtis had to be put in a security cell by Odo because he was too rough with Leeta at Quark's.

Captain Sisko ordered me, as a science officer, to investigate the incidents. Recently, I observed more and more crew members and civilians with an aggressive attitude and a loss of control. Also, the entire crew seems to have problems keeping their sexual tensions under control. Just yesterday, Dr. Bashir and Major Kira observed three Bajoran security officers having sex during the night shift at ops.

I also feel a strong sexual desire, which goes beyond my normal drive. The staff is increasingly unfocused and many as of late have not done their work. Dr. Bashir analyzed blood and tissue samples of some of the senior staff; their emotions and aggression seem to be quite well and under control. End log."

Jadzia got up from the computer terminal and washed her face. Time was short. Captain Sisko was relying on them.

Where does Jadzia begin the investigation?:

Equipment Uniform, Tricorder
Location Jadzia's quarters
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