She goes to Dr. Bashir

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First, Jadzia turned to Dr. Bashir. Maybe his investigations had indeed provided new results.

On the way to the infirmary, many lights in the corridors of the habitat ring did not work. Although there was a repair crew, it wasn't just the energy bars, so much broke when it was not maintained properly. Some of the plasma distribution system had been destroyed or damaged by the rampaging. Since turbolifts four and six did not work, Dax had to make a long detour.

When she reached turbolift nine, which still worked, she heard a large groan from a side corridor. It seemed to be a female and two males having sex. The corridor was dark and the groan originated from behind a bend. The doors of the turbolift opened...

Does Jadzia go to Dr. Bashir (and how) or investigate the corridor?

Equipment Uniform, Tricorder
Location Corridor outside turbolift nine
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