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Only add pages in a flat manner. For example in the tree below, you wouldn't start writing options 1.1 and 1.2 until option 2 is written. This is to prevent the story from becoming linear and a singular story instead of a choose your own adventure story.

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This CYOA is loosely based on an adventure written by ChunLee, The Pervert, Dark Future and Kenobi44.

If you have feedback about the story in general, please leave a comment on the first page under the discussion tab. I love feedback.


Work in Progress

She uses it against Sisko from Dax continues the interrogation - 100% - 9.15.13

No nothing happens to her at night‎ - 100% - 9.12.13

She uses it against Kira‎ from Dax continues the interrogation - 100% - 9.4.13

She goes and asks Julian directly from She looks at the findings - 100% - 7.31.13

Dax does not join the gang from A female gang is behind her - 100% - 7.31.13

Status bar format

The template I use for the status bar is the following:

(The question)

*[[Dax chooses Option A]]
*[[Dax chooses Option B|This text shows instead of the actual page name]]
{{Jadzia_Status|Equipment=''(Equipment she has)''|Location=''(Her location)''}}
[[Category: Star Trek: Jadzia's Adventure]]

(The question)

Equipment (Equipment she has)
Location (Her location)

The second "chapter"

Eventually Dax finds out that a signal is being transmitted from the Trivas system and she decides to go there but Kira joins at the last minute. This is explained in She tries to find Julian.

Klingon names

The Klingon names from Ending the foursome/Negotiations

Leader (the one who sits down) - Klaa from the house of Onnak

Friend (with the idea about Kira)- Kaluk from the house of Koru

Friend - Drek from the house of Inagh

Equipment Uniform, Tricorder, Reading glasses
Location Library
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